5 Mistakes to Avoid in AngularJS Mobile App Development

 5 Mistakes to Avoid in AngularJS Mobile App Development for Delivering a Great User Experience and Making an Impact in the Market.

AngularJS is a comprehensive framework that in association with Ionic powers millions of apps available on Google Play, App Store or other noted mobile app stores. Mobile app developers around the globe are leveraging the open source mobile app development technology to build apps in different categories including shopping and lifestyle, health and fitness, messaging and gaming and more. However, for people or companies involved in AngularJS development, it’s essential to cope with the user’s expectations to stay in demand.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in AngularJS Mobile App Development

Don't Break Rules

Documents of AngularJS provision a set of rules or protocols to effectively use navigation, components, modules, turn, factory, routing, etc. Developers must pay attention that they are not violating them as it could lead to unstable or poor quality apps.

Avoid its use Server Side Scripting

AngularJS is meant for front-end and app architecturing, not for server side scripting. Hence, the mobile app developer should avoid doing. Instead of this, they can rely on NodeJS to connect the app with the server.

Avoid Dependency On 3rd Party

Third-party plug-ins like JQuery may cause conflict and result into poor mobile experience. Try to use maximum resources of the AngularJS mobile app development framework. This will help in building stable, agile and responsive app.

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Avoid Ajax Compilation

AngularJS developers can make use of its built-in compiler rather than going for Ajax. This will help in associating the codes appropriately for a better mobile app. Ajax being less compatible with AngularJS framework may skip certain codes.

Ignoring Audience

Last but not the least. AngularJS mobile app developers must have a thorough understanding of the preferences and behavior of the target audience. In addition, the team should have a clear understanding of the objective of the client.  This will help them to correctly use the components to craft desired features in the apps.

Hope you found the information useful in moving ahead with your AngularJS project. Thanks for being with me. I would be back soon with more insights, recommendations and tips on mobile app development.

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