How the New Release in Laravel 5.7 Contribute Development?

One of the most popular PHP framework, Laravel - actively supported and contributed open source project, released in August 2018.

It's great to know that the release will receive bug fixes until February 2019 and security fixes until August 2019. This release continues to improve for the previous version 5.6, with additional exciting new features. This is the reason, application developers are looking for improvise Laravel Development Services.

Well, the laravel framework, 5.7 hit the market for quite some time. However, most of the developers are still not aware of its new offerings.

Every year Laravel release two major updates at 6 months interval, considering the need to enhance its features to aid Mobile App Development.

This blog will reflect the innovative feature of the new release i.e. Laravel 5.6

Laravel Nova:

Laravel Nova - officially released on Aug 22, 2018, the latest release v1.0.* Orion is available for purchase from the official website.

This was one of the awaited Laravel package having a beautiful admin panel package (driven by code) for Laravel application. As this is a simple composer package, the previous version of Laravel still supports Nova.

Email Verification:

The new release offers an optional email verification feature. To take advantage of this feature, you need to add the email_verified_at timestamp column to the user's table migration that ships with the framework.

The new users are advised to verify their email by implementing the MustVerifyEmail interface in the user model.


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Notifications\Notifiable;
use Illuminate\Contracts\Auth\MustVerifyEmail;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Auth\User as Authenticatable;

class User extends Authenticatable implements MustVerifyEmail
    // ...

After implementation, the new users will receive an email containing a signed verification link. And, afterward clicking the respective link, the mobile app will be updating the database automatically, redirecting the user to the desired location.

Further, the new feature also introduces a verified middleware. Thus, if anyone wants to protect their application's routes from verified members, it can be attached to the application routes.

'verified' => \Illuminate\Auth\Middleware\EnsureEmailIsVerified::class, 

Symfony Dump Server:

The Symfony dump-server introduced in Laravel 5.7 is a command via package created by Laravel community member "Marcel Pociot".

And the feature is beneficial in debugging error in the mobile application development and that too without obstructing application runtime.

In the background, the command runs and obtains data transmitted from the application and presents output through the console mode.

"php artisan dump-server

// Output to the HTML file.
php artisan dump-server --format=html > report.html

Notification Localization:

Now, with the latest release, the user can assign locale for the notifications to transfer other than the contemporary language.

The Illuminate\Notifications\Notification class adds new locale method to select the desired language.

$user->notify((new NewUser($user))->locale('np'));

The users can also use the facade to initiate localization for numerous notification entries.

        ->send($subscribers, new WeeklyNewsletter($newsletter));

Change in Resources Directory:

With the new release, there will be few changes to the resources directory.

The change was announced by Taylor with a tweet. The assets can directly go away and js, sass, lang, will be seen in the resources directory.
URL Generator & Callable Syntax44:

In order to create the URLs to controller actions, Laravel now continues with callable array syntax, rather than strings only.

The previous Use case,

$url = action('BlogController@index');

$url = action('BlogController@view', ['id' => 1]);

The present Use Case,

use App\Http\Controllers\HomeController;

$url = action([BlogController::class, 'index']);

$url = action([BlogController::class, 'view'], ['id' => 1]);

Guest User Gates / Policies:

In the older version of Laravel, it used to pass false if an unauthorized user aches to reach the mobile application. In the latest version, there's a good news, it will now allow representing an "optional" type-hint or to provide a null default value to allow the guest user to pass into the authorization checks.

For instance;
Gate::define('update-product', function (?User $user, Product $product) {
    // ...

Paginator Links:

In this new version, the users can check the number of pagination links on each side of the paginated URLs design. By default, three links get created on each side of the paginator links. The newly introduced method onEachSide() enables to measure them with Laravel 5.7.

{{ $pages->onEachSide(5)->links() }}

Read / Write Streams method in Filesystem

Laravel 5.7 offers innovative ways to integrate Filesystem.


Improved Error Messages:

Tracking the message error is much reliable with the Laravel application as the present version of Laravel 5.7, offers a cleaner concise message notifying a that the method doesn't exist on the specific model.

Other Benefits:

Logging Improvements
Single Server Task Scheduling
Dynamic Rate Limiting
Broadcast Channel Classes
API Controller Generation
Eloquent Date Casting
Blade Component Aliases
Argon2 Password Hashing
UUID Methods
Bootstrap 4


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