Angularjs: One framework for Mobile and Web Development

Whether it’s web development or mobile app development, each is an art of making people feel at home while making intended things happen authentically. What do users expect from a website or app? Don’t get pegged with the term performance; in fact, it’s a vague term. Users want to be the master of their app. They want the app to respond to their actions spontaneously as well as contextually. Interestingly, Angular JS has the solution that users look for.

Angular js web development

So improving the user experience, on web and mobile, is the ultimate goal of the company. Mobile app development companies advocate using AngularJS in conjugation with Apache Cordova to build cross platform mobile apps. The greater familiarity of software developers with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, is helpful in slashing the mobile app development time. However, the greater advantage lies in code reusability as a single build can be mapped or configured easily to work across different platforms. Likewise, web development companies also get benefited as they don’t need to spend much time in getting their developers trained in Angular JS web development. As the fundamental components of AngularJS have got their defined role in mobile and web development, technology companies have reasons to keep their fingers crossed.

Web Vs Mobile. Tech scholars and experts often come at loggerheads on the debate. However, the truth is that both complement each other. The demand of the hour is not to build separate experiences for web and mobile, rather than a omni-channel experience is required. For instance, a buyer may dig product information while online in office but might use the shopping app install in his or her phone to conclude the purchase. Likewise, it would be difficult for an NGO to spread awareness about the causes that matter to it and connect with its potential donors. But to keep existing users in touch, nothing could be as helpful as a mobile app that finds place in everyone’s pocket. Thus, neither a website nor a mobile app in isolation can take the whole business responsibilities. Tech consulting and product design and development companies are making big of the capabilities of Angular JS development framework.

AngularJS is a well structured framework packing everything for everyone. However, the onus is on the software developers to make intelligent and optimum utilization of its resources from directives and expressions to filters, modules, and controllers. Avoiding common mistakes, they can stay true to the philosophy of AngularJS community which is committed to make an effortless development platform for the future.


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