Here is How Messages Can Do More Wonder

Ever since the smartphone came into existence, multitasking has become the way of life, and with the recent iOS 10 release, Messages is all set to take this experience to a new high.

iOS Developers

Not does the digital conversation go more vibrant and personalised with the use of stickers with text, video and audio messages, but it also become more powerful. Users can exercise control on other apps without leaving the Messages app. Thus, no longer they need to switch to different apps to perform their tasks. From within the Messages, they can access features and functionalities of other apps. Being a business owner or app publisher, you need to put little or no effort in reaching out to potential users as your app gets listed along with the Messages App on App Store or iTunes.

To make it happen, an iOS developer has to create as app extension, also known as iMessage app using the Messages framework available with iOS 10 SDK. The Apple Developer programme provides a complete guidelines for that. To unleash the power of Messages, all you need to do is hire the right iOS app development company or developer. There are only few like Root Info Solutions that can actually make your app compatible with Messages. Have a glimpse of a few iOS apps developed by them.

Integration of Messages with third-party apps builds a win-win strategy for everyone. Users can stay productive without leaving their connection. And, you benefit from the popularity of Messages. Without any additional marketing investment or effort, you get users or customers. However, thereafter, it depends upon you that how well you are able to manage and retain users delivering the best user experience. To stay atop the user-expectation, take help of the right mobile analytics tool. This helps in learning the how users are interacting with your app, what they are looking for and really what can be done to improve their user experience.

However, to make the investment work the way you want, I would recommend you to choose your partner diligently comparing the pros and cons of different iPhone app developers or companies. Take help of mobile app development marketplaces like AppFutura to compare the capabilities and success rate of service providers before inking the deal.

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