Cordova App Development Champions the Mobile Space

Considering the dominance of smartphone over desktop, laptop and other form-factors and the consumer’s inclination towards apps with them, or addiction (if it doesn’t sound offensive to you, I won’t hesitate to use the latter term), no business can dare to ignore mobility strategy, which gives voice and backbone to their brands. However, to champion different mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and so on, you need apps that are custom-built keeping the specifications of the OS in mind. So it means investing in different mobile app development services targeting different platforms.

Obviously, the scenario would have not changed had we been not blessed with Cordova or PhoneGap. This open source framework provides all essential resources required to do the coding matching the guidelines of different platforms. Cordova app development not just helps businesses to cut down their technology investment budget but also to overcome challenges that lead to the leakage of revenue with the failures of customer acquisition and customer service endeavor. Take a sneak peek of the challenges looming ahead in app-monetization.

(A) App usage: Less than 25% of the total apps that a user owns stay in frequent use after getting installed.

(B) App retention:
The metrics convey a more heart wrenching story for businesses. 77% of apps are uninstalled by users only in the first 3 days of getting installed. Interpretation? It’s quite loud and clear: 75% of the business endeavor doesn’t work as expected and 77% of the investment with mobile app development services goes in vain.

This leakage of opportunity and revenue both can be sealed by taking refuge of the right PhoneGap app development company. Your developer must have the capability to blend the web apps, Cordova and third-party plugins and HTML rendering engine so that the built app is able to communicate with the operating system and the device with perfect ease so that your app can deliver the best user experience.

Proactively ask the Cordovadeveloper to include the right mobile analytics tool with the app. This will help you code the app usage pattern and learn more about your prospects or customers. The business intelligence gained so can be of great help in innovating not just the products and services you offer but also how you operate.


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