Android App Development Empowers Dr. Moku Reach 250,000 Milestone

While most of the brands struggle to get a berth on Google Play, Dr. Moku took it by storm; gaining over 250, 000 subscribers for its Hiragana and Katakana app, it became an educational brand overnight. Here comes a brief introduction to the app by Root Info Solutions, the Android app development company which orchestrated this success saga. 

Japanese Learning App

Dr. Moku’s Hiragana and Katakana Bundle makes learning Hiragana and Katakana, the two prominent syllabaries of the Japanese writing system quite easier. Taking advantage of mnemonics, the app transcends the barriers of generations and empowers individuals to get a quick grasp on the alphabets, words and phrases used in the language.

Unmistakably, language is a key to the gateway of literature and culture and a glue to bring individuals, communities and nations together. Before, I take you to the User Experience of Dr. Moku’s Hiragana and Katakana app, I would like you to have a glance at the letters of the language. 

learn Japanese Online

How much time would you take to memorize all? A week, month or a year? Not certain? Well, everyone can’t be an Einstein. I don’t know of others, but I’m not the one forsure. Absorbing the letters and then putting them into practical use are challenging jobs. But the app claims to make you learn, read, write and speak Japanese in just one hour. It’s hard to believe, but a fact. Here is how.

Language learning app by Root Info Solutions
Well, if you want to learn the letter with sound “KU” (highlighted in the Image 1), you don’t need to learn it by heart. Instead, keep the image of cuckoo bird (that produces that sound) in your mind. The beak of the bird resembles the letter figuratively while the sound made by it matches to the pronunciation of the letter itself. Likewise, for every letter the app uses mnemonic tricks. Later, test your acquired knowledge with quizzes based on visual recognition and audio recognition. Writing and reading practice exercises are also there. Got stuck somewhere? Jump back to revise your chapter.

You won’t be scared now. Read the clue, listen to the clip and move on to the next one. It’s laudable the way this Android app development company has harnessed the capabilities of Android SDK and Android Studio and get it coded with perfection to make sure that users find themselves at home with the language.

The app keeps the users glued to it throughout the session and that’s is quintessential for any language app targeted at non-native learners as they are vulnerable to boredom. At any point of time, if they lose the interest in the app content or its presentation, they are most likely to quit your app. Interestingly, Google Play imposes strict guidelines to make sure the user experience remains consistent throughout the app sessions from entry to exit.

Craving for such a success? If yes, pay utmost attention to the user experience delivered through the app, because this is the only way to differentiate yourself in the competitive market. Give more reasons to users not just to download your app, rather, to stay with your app and brand.

Looking forward to get an envying app built for your brand? If yes, don’t look further. Write to us at, or just dial +44 207 096 0066 to talk to a technology consultant.


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