10 Common Mistakes iOS App Developers Must Avoid

Today, we can witness a blind race, particularly, amidst iOS app development companies in the world to monetize the $143 billion app economy. Clearly, they have a valid reason: iOS App Store stays ahead of all other stores, when it comes to revenue generation. While doing so, they have little time to think of User Experience (UX). According to a report by Root Info Solutions, a London-based web and mobile app development company, close to 46% of apps had been rejected by App Store between 2008 and 2015. Underscoring the gravity, I thought to bring the attention of developers towards 10 common mistakes in iOS app development.

iOS Developer

1. Confusing Code Structure

Xcode doesn’t mandate the structuring of the source code, but for seamless app development, iOS developers must do it before getting started with any project. If you are pursuing the goal, I recommend you to use the Groups option to structure your code. Organize source files in folders and mirror them in Xcode. Assign easy-to-understand names to all files. Distinct nomenclature for objects, methods, etc., helps not just you to pick up your project from where you left it, but also to your peer developers to know what’s required to be done in the next phase of the development. Code structuring also reduces the app update and upgrade tasks. Thus, structured coding system, helps not just developers but also clients to keep maintenance budget at a low.


2. Skipping to Turn off NSNotificationCenter

Leaving unnecessary notifications turned on is a blunder. Invoking unwanted processes at random, they will only contribute towards the app’s instability, leading to crash and unexpected behavior that users hate. Hence, let your app run with the least number of notifications by meticulously controlling them through NSDistributedNotificationCenter.


3. Skipping to Invalidate NSTimeZone

The behavior of time zone objects is regulated by NSTimeZone class. However, what if different time zones are simultaneously enabled? This will only create confusion for your app as which objects to choose and what attributes to show to the users. Hence, in the course of iOS app development, particularly, while working for a client located in a time zone different than what you are in, it’s a must to invalidate the NSTimeZone that is not likely to stay in use.


4. Unnecessary API Calls

Overburdening an app either with unnecessary or outdated APIs, make it slower and also results into extra battery consumption, which matters a lot to the users. Make use of the desired as well as the latest Apple recommended APIs based on the iOS versions you are targeting at.


5. Blocking the Main Thread

All User-Interface actions and reactions happen through the Main Thread. Hence, keep the Main Thread of the application uninterrupted. This will let users interact with your app and get done desired tasks in a quick and easy way. Remember, performance is a key determinant of the app retention metrics.


6. Not Using Intent

Innovation is a key to gain brownie points and maintain a leading position in the market. Harness the iOS 10 capabilities to the fullest and reward your users with new accessibility functions using SiriKit, Phone, Maps or Messages, if you want to be in the driver’s seat. Inform your developer about your intent of improving the user experience. iOS 10 SDK offers the Intents framework (Intents.framework) to enable an app handle interactions through proprietary App apps including SiriKit.


7. Skipping Mobile Analytics

Make users part of your app design, content, and user experience strategy. Measure what users feel about the every aspect using a compatible mobile analytics tool. Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Flurry are a few app analytics that are widely used these days by iOS app development companies. They help you track the following:
* Daily Active Users (DAU)
* Retention Rate
* Average Time Spent within the App
* App Crashes
* Engagement


8. Unique Testing

Whether you are an app owner or iOS app developer, this is something crucial for your app success. Ensure that the users get expected results from the every app feature or tool. Nowadays, a better option is to go for TestFlight Beta Testing. You can invite up to 2000 users to test your app and share their feedbacks. Make sure to address all important issues raised at this stage before you finally release your app on App Store.


9. No or Incompetent Marketing

Marketing is as critical as is getting your app built. Now that your app has been pushed to the App Store, put your best marketing effort to gain visibility across the target geographies and drive the number of downloads. However, adhere to the App Store guidelines to avoid any sort of penalty.


10. Not Enabling Bitcode

Do it at your own risk. While targeting multiple form-factors or devices with different screen resolution, it’s the Bitcode that enables App Store to recognize the device’s capability and facilitate users with the right app build so that they can have the best experience. Hence, if you are outsourcing your iOS app development project, make everything clear to the developer regarding the targeted OS and device.

Want to reach out to your iOS users and improve the business efficiency? Discuss your idea with Root Info Solutions. The company champions iOSapp development using the latest Swift programming language.


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