5 Practices Adopted by the Best Android App Development Company To Drive User-Engagement

Out of every 100 users installing an app, only 10 continue with the app beyond the 30-day period, and 4 beyond the 90-day period. Shocked? Root Info Solutions, a UK-based android mobile app development company, cites poor user-engagement as one of the major causes of increasing app abandonment rate.

The statistics are distressing indeed, but where there is a will there is a way. Learn 5 Practices Adopted by the Best Android App Development Company To Drive User-Engagement.

10 Success Tips For an iPhone App Development Company To Avoid App Rejection

Quality, the term sounds simple, but in the parlance of iPhone apps development at Root Info Solutions, it has a comprehensive connotation including ease-of use, performance, usability, stability, security and what’s not...Every feature that contribute in making the user-experience with respect to an iPhone or iPad app wonderful.

But it’s easier said than done, believes Root Info Solutions. However, after spending more than 12 years and working with clients from different verticals and sectors, its every iOS developer today takes pride in building masterpieces that can woo the App Store review team in the first attempt. Wondering what makes it happen? Continue Reading 10 Success Mantras For an iPhone Application Development Company To Avoid App Rejection. Read More

One Secret for Every iPhone App Development Company to Follow

One Secret for Every iPhone app development company to follow to build and deliver apps equipped with robust security features. 

The latest release of Xcode IDE  (Integrated Development Environment), version 7.3.1, has arrived and the air in every iPhone app development company is filled with the essence of optimism. Let’s close up to it.

What an iOS developer should expect in the kit? Well, it brings Swift 2 compiler, Instruments, Simulator, and latest SDKs for OS X, iOS, tvOS and watchOS. Besides every enhancement that are expected to make the iPhone apps development faster and easier, there is an important update on security front.

The latest patch improves the git feature that controls different build versions of an app and allows every iOS developer to be on the same plane. The latest git version is 2.7.4 and it will avoid the overflow issue linked with file names. Taking advantage of recent IDE, developers can build robust iOS apps to give a perfect secure virtual environment to users to let them connect, share, shop, bank, entertain or do whatever they want with absolute confidence.

Hope this time FBI won’t flag any concerns regarding privacy and security and iOS developers would be able to use the feature in the greater interest of the Apple users. Apart from this, an iPhone app development company must also adhere to the standard practices. The testing department should also take cognizance of it, and give a clearance certificate to any app, once that app scores good on every parameters. Performing a real-world test is also a good way to assess the robustness of an app. The app can be subjected to existing e-Threats volume as found and detected by different mobile security software developing firms like AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee.

The task of an iPhone app development company doesn’t end with the completion of a project, but it goes beyond that. It should keep a close watch on the consumer's’ reviews available across its store or third-party community sites to know what kind of issues users are facing regarding security. This will show them the correct way as how to build a secure app of great value.

Hope you found the information useful. I’m signing off the day, but will be back soon with more insights on iPhone apps development, until then goodbye!

5 Mistakes to Avoid in AngularJS Mobile App Development

 5 Mistakes to Avoid in AngularJS Mobile App Development for Delivering a Great User Experience and Making an Impact in the Market.

AngularJS is a comprehensive framework that in association with Ionic powers millions of apps available on Google Play, App Store or other noted mobile app stores. Mobile app developers around the globe are leveraging the open source mobile app development technology to build apps in different categories including shopping and lifestyle, health and fitness, messaging and gaming and more. However, for people or companies involved in AngularJS development, it’s essential to cope with the user’s expectations to stay in demand.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in AngularJS Mobile App Development

Don't Break Rules

Documents of AngularJS provision a set of rules or protocols to effectively use navigation, components, modules, turn, factory, routing, etc. Developers must pay attention that they are not violating them as it could lead to unstable or poor quality apps.

Avoid its use Server Side Scripting

AngularJS is meant for front-end and app architecturing, not for server side scripting. Hence, the mobile app developer should avoid doing. Instead of this, they can rely on NodeJS to connect the app with the server.

Avoid Dependency On 3rd Party

Third-party plug-ins like JQuery may cause conflict and result into poor mobile experience. Try to use maximum resources of the AngularJS mobile app development framework. This will help in building stable, agile and responsive app.

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Avoid Ajax Compilation

AngularJS developers can make use of its built-in compiler rather than going for Ajax. This will help in associating the codes appropriately for a better mobile app. Ajax being less compatible with AngularJS framework may skip certain codes.

Ignoring Audience

Last but not the least. AngularJS mobile app developers must have a thorough understanding of the preferences and behavior of the target audience. In addition, the team should have a clear understanding of the objective of the client.  This will help them to correctly use the components to craft desired features in the apps.

Hope you found the information useful in moving ahead with your AngularJS project. Thanks for being with me. I would be back soon with more insights, recommendations and tips on mobile app development.

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Why to Invest in PhoneGap Application Development

Why to Invest in PhoneGap Application Development. The author counts reasons to count on the PhoneGap app development framework. 

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and many more. Consumers are spread across multiple devices and, hence, businesses were utterly puzzled, until the arrival of the PhoneGap application development framework, as how much technology investment to do and how many apps to build to connect with them.
PhoneGap App Development company
Building cross-platform mobile app has become easier and faster with the PhoneGap app development SDK. It brings the power of Web apps including HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with effective plugins like accelerometer, camera, compass, file sharing, geo-location & Google Map, media, network, notification (Alert/sound/vibration), social integration and audio & video. This helps in building powerful apps that deliver incessant performance to help organizations  connect with apps and make their engagement, sales acquisition, and customer service models more efficient.

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With the rising mobile-Internet usage and adoption of smartphones, demands of PhoneGap mobile app development services and PhoneGap developers have improved exponentially in the past few years. And the demand has to continue as businesses, entrepreneurs, governments and nonprofits all are poised to go digital to connect more swiftly with their prospects and customers and  improve the efficiency of their delivery model.

At times concerns are raised regarding the efficiency and security of PhoneGap-based apps. Some even question its user-interface. However, in most of the cases the PhoneGap developers are to blame for it. Due to the lack of proper understanding of the resources available with the SDK. Sometimes they also miss on taking clue of the user’s preferences. Hence, business decision-makers who are hunting for PhoneGap app development services must take a survey of different mobile app development companies to find the right partner. Making a comparison of the portfolios of different companies using AppFutura or other reliable portals.

The PhoneGap app development company must also invest time in understanding the needs and challenges of its clients. It should know about the nature and preferences of the target customers. In addition, the company must have an experienced mobile app testing bench that can analyze the usability, performance, stability and security of the app from the user’s point of view.

Best 5 Reasons to Go with an Android Mobile Application Development

Besides the Android's popularity, Dindayal Gupta, Lead Content Editor, Root Info Solutions, ponders on other key driving factors of Android app development services market.

From the business point of views, mobile devices are an important platform for marketing and advertisement and customer service. And since, out of every 10 adults, more than 8 own an Android device, it makes sense for any businesses to go for Android app development services. However, there are 5 additional key business value propositions that you can't ignore.

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Best 5 Reasons to Go with Swift 2.0 Mobile App Development

The first anniversary of Swift, which paralleled with WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference 2015), was special in several aspects. Nikhil Juneja, Chief Technical Officer, Root Info Solutions (RIS) tracks the improvement done with Swift 2.0.

With the release of Swift 2.0, Apple's commitment towards making the technology swifter gets a boost. Of the various positive developments, one that was and is prudential is its announcement to release Swift as an open source programming language under an OSI-approved permissive license. Fortunately, without any delay, with the release of Swift 2.2 on December 3, 2015, the promise got delivered by Apple. Benefits of open source Swift? This, obviously, makes it accessible to a wider community of application developers and, hence, encourages expertise sharing to improve the language, making it more powerful, secure and easy-to-use, and ensures real-time support from experts to address any challenges.

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PhoneGap App Development: Merit and Demerits

“We are platform independent”, said one of the guys, when being introduced to me, or rather I was introduced to him. Being new to the environment, I felt hesitant to ask for the rationale behind and, even if, it was there, to me, it appeared nothing more than confidence-cum-over-confidence, or a vice versa, but later I came to know that yes, there was some gravity in it. Actually, he was from the PhoneGap mobile app development team that develops hybrid mobile app to work with devices running on different operating systems, namely, iOS and Android.

New to PhoneGap? Well, it’s a mobile app development framework that facilitates language stacks and plugins that are extensively used to develop a cross-platform mobile app. People coming from the industry also call it with the alias Cordova. Well, terminologies hardly make a difference for end users, and to those who are interested in getting the app developed. Consumers love simplicity and performance, and businesses love scalability and flexibility, but yes they both die for security.

Out of the numerous questions that our business development team at Root Info Solutions (RIS) respond to, one, we would like to get answered through this blog. Any guess on that? Well, it’s what are the advantages and disadvantages of the PhoneGap mobile app development.

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