Why to Invest in PhoneGap Application Development

Why to Invest in PhoneGap Application Development. The author counts reasons to count on the PhoneGap app development framework. 

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and many more. Consumers are spread across multiple devices and, hence, businesses were utterly puzzled, until the arrival of the PhoneGap application development framework, as how much technology investment to do and how many apps to build to connect with them.
PhoneGap App Development company
Building cross-platform mobile app has become easier and faster with the PhoneGap app development SDK. It brings the power of Web apps including HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with effective plugins like accelerometer, camera, compass, file sharing, geo-location & Google Map, media, network, notification (Alert/sound/vibration), social integration and audio & video. This helps in building powerful apps that deliver incessant performance to help organizations  connect with apps and make their engagement, sales acquisition, and customer service models more efficient.

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With the rising mobile-Internet usage and adoption of smartphones, demands of PhoneGap mobile app development services and PhoneGap developers have improved exponentially in the past few years. And the demand has to continue as businesses, entrepreneurs, governments and nonprofits all are poised to go digital to connect more swiftly with their prospects and customers and  improve the efficiency of their delivery model.

At times concerns are raised regarding the efficiency and security of PhoneGap-based apps. Some even question its user-interface. However, in most of the cases the PhoneGap developers are to blame for it. Due to the lack of proper understanding of the resources available with the SDK. Sometimes they also miss on taking clue of the user’s preferences. Hence, business decision-makers who are hunting for PhoneGap app development services must take a survey of different mobile app development companies to find the right partner. Making a comparison of the portfolios of different companies using AppFutura or other reliable portals.

The PhoneGap app development company must also invest time in understanding the needs and challenges of its clients. It should know about the nature and preferences of the target customers. In addition, the company must have an experienced mobile app testing bench that can analyze the usability, performance, stability and security of the app from the user’s point of view.


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