PhoneGap App Development: Merit and Demerits

“We are platform independent”, said one of the guys, when being introduced to me, or rather I was introduced to him. Being new to the environment, I felt hesitant to ask for the rationale behind and, even if, it was there, to me, it appeared nothing more than confidence-cum-over-confidence, or a vice versa, but later I came to know that yes, there was some gravity in it. Actually, he was from the PhoneGap mobile app development team that develops hybrid mobile app to work with devices running on different operating systems, namely, iOS and Android.

New to PhoneGap? Well, it’s a mobile app development framework that facilitates language stacks and plugins that are extensively used to develop a cross-platform mobile app. People coming from the industry also call it with the alias Cordova. Well, terminologies hardly make a difference for end users, and to those who are interested in getting the app developed. Consumers love simplicity and performance, and businesses love scalability and flexibility, but yes they both die for security.

Out of the numerous questions that our business development team at Root Info Solutions (RIS) respond to, one, we would like to get answered through this blog. Any guess on that? Well, it’s what are the advantages and disadvantages of the PhoneGap mobile app development.

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