Best 5 Reasons to Go with Swift 2.0 Mobile App Development

The first anniversary of Swift, which paralleled with WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference 2015), was special in several aspects. Nikhil Juneja, Chief Technical Officer, Root Info Solutions (RIS) tracks the improvement done with Swift 2.0.

With the release of Swift 2.0, Apple's commitment towards making the technology swifter gets a boost. Of the various positive developments, one that was and is prudential is its announcement to release Swift as an open source programming language under an OSI-approved permissive license. Fortunately, without any delay, with the release of Swift 2.2 on December 3, 2015, the promise got delivered by Apple. Benefits of open source Swift? This, obviously, makes it accessible to a wider community of application developers and, hence, encourages expertise sharing to improve the language, making it more powerful, secure and easy-to-use, and ensures real-time support from experts to address any challenges.

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